SN EN 419:2020


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This European Standard specifies the requirements and test methods for the construction, safety, rational use of energy, classification and marking of non-domestic gas-fired overhead luminous radiant heaters for environmental comfort, referred to in the body of the text as "appliances". This European Standard is applicable to Type A1 and Type A3 appliances only (see 4.2.2) intended for use in other than residential dwellings: a) low gas pressure appliances operating at pressures up to and including 50 mbar; b) medium gas pressure appliances operating at pressures above 50 mbar and up to 2 bar. This European Standard is not applicable to: - appliances designed for use in domestic dwellings; - outdoor appliances; - appliances of heat input in excess of 120 kW (based on the net calorific value of the appropriate reference gas); This standard is applicable to appliances which are intended to be type tested.

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  • ICS: 97.100.20
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