Standards are subject to copyright in Switzerland and in practically all countries of the world. Infringements of the copyright of standards can quickly happen, especially in the age of modern information technologies. Often, you are not even aware that something against the law has been done.

You have the following options for regulating access to standards:

Use of standards with a single-user licence

When a standard is purchased in our online shop, only the purchaser has the right to use the document. The document may not be made available to other people in the company. If the document must nevertheless be viewed by another person in exceptional cases, it must be ensured that a maximum of one person is working with the document at any given time. Otherwise, you have the option to additionally procure the document for this person. Responsibility lies with the user of the standard.

Use of standards with a multi-user licence

If the documents need to be shared within the company, the following options are available:

SNV standards subscription: Individual authorised persons from the company can be added to or removed from the subscription. Procurement of documents is automatically priced, with the price calculation based on the stored licensing parameters.

Netzwork licences: This variant is primarily intended for customers with an existing set of standards that can be made available to employees on the intranet or with an existing document management system, for example. SNV takes care of clarification with the rule-making institution (the owner of the rights) and creates individual offers tailored to the company.

It is important to SNV that the applicable copyright provisions relating to standards and policies are complied with. We make arrangements for licensing of your entire set of standards, starting from a rights management review and extending all the way through to a tailored recommendation of our products and services in a personal meeting. We look forward to hearing from you.