IEC TS 63134:2020 ED1


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IEC TS 63134:2020 identifies AAL scenarios and use cases based on real-world applications and requirements. The use cases provide a practical context for considerations of interoperability and standards based on user experience. Use cases provide a context for utilizing existing standards and identifying further standardization work. User requirements have also been identified. This document also highlights potential areas for standardization in the AAL environment to ensure safety, security, privacy, ease of operation, performance and interoperability. Lastly, this document is a contribution to the IEC use case management repository, the purpose of which is to collect, administer, maintain, and analyse use cases.

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  • Edition: 1
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  • Publisher: IEC
  • Distributor: IEC
  • ICS: 11.020.20
  • ICS: 11.020.99
  • ICS: 11.180
  • International TC: SyC AAL