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IEC 60086-2:2015 is applicable to primary batteries based on standardized electrochemical systems. It specifies the physical dimensions, the discharge test conditions and discharge performance requirements. This thirteenth edition cancels and replaces the twelfth edition (2011) and constitutes a technical revision. Significant changes from the previous edition are test changes to battery types R03, LR03, R6, LR6, PR70, PR41, PR48, 6F22, 6LR61, 6LP3146 4LR25-2, R14, LR14, R20, LR20, CR2025, and CR2032, adding the 5AR40 back into the standard, addition of common designations, addition of two new battery types FR14505 and FR10G445, deletion of battery types LR53, R40, 2EP3863, 6F100, and general editorial changes. Keywords: primary batteries, electrochemical systems

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