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What is a subscription (SUB)?

A subscription (SUB) is a subscription to standards in our online shop "SNV-Connect" instead of buying them directly. It is an optimised standards management system that gives you cloud-based access to your standards portfolio. All central information is available in one place and your portfolio is updated whenever a new version of a standard is published.

What is the difference between a Subscription (SUB) and a Multiuserlicence (MUL)?

The main difference is in the way standards are purchased. With a SUB, you subscribe to the standards and the cost includes updates and multi-user licensing. In contrast, with a MUL, standards are purchased outright. When an update occurs in your portfolio, the document is automatically replaced with the current valid version and you are charged. The annual MUL fee includes multi-user licences, monitoring and updating of newly published standards.

What are the advantages of a Subscription (SUB)?

A subscription (SUB) offers numerous advantages. You have location-independent access to current standards and can work securely and compliantly. In addition, you receive reliable information on new and withdrawn standards and can manage your portfolio yourself. In addition, you can set up individual access for your employees and the costs can be calculated in advance through the subscription. Annual billing takes place at the beginning of the year and newly added standards are charged pro rata for the rest of the year.

Do you still need a multi-user licence?

No, with a SUB the required multi-user licence (named-user) is automatically included.

Are you allowed to upload the documents with a subscription (SUB) to a company network?

The documents may not be uploaded to a company network. Only the users who have access to the SUB via our online shop are authorised to view and use the standards. However, you may save the documents locally to work offline, but copying within the company is not permitted.

How do you obtain a reference quote?

To receive a benchmark offer, you send us your portfolio, which we analyse. We will then send you a non-binding indicative offer. Please fill out the contact form to provide us with all the information we need.

Why do you get an indicative quote and not a concrete quote?

A indicative quote is based on an average price per standard, as the price per standard varies. Therefore, the prices are purely indicative.

In what form is the subscription (SUB) available? (without additional options)

The SUB is available as an online view, without PDF and print function. It contains the most recent edition of the document in one language.

What additional options are available?

Additional options include the ability to save the document locally as a PDF and print it, access to previous versions and drafts, and the option for multilingual documents.

You have decided on a subscription (SUB), what happens next?

Once you have decided on a SUB, we will send you an agreement to sign. In the meantime, we will create your Subscription and with the options you have chosen and fill it with your portfolio. Once the agreement has been returned electronically, you will be given access to the SUB.

What happens next for you?

The users you have defined must register in our online shop "SNV-Connect" or the subscription administrator will create the logins. The administrator then defines the roles of the individual users.

Which roles can the administrator assign?

There are various roles that the administrator can assign. These include the roles of Sub. & Shop Administrator, Sub Reader & Shop User, Sub. Reader and Sub User & Shop User. Powers vary depending on the role and include permissions such as viewing subscribed documents, personal single purchase of documents and defining the roles of users.

Is a single purchase (single user licence) of the standards also possible with a subscription (SUB)?

Yes, you can buy each standard as a single-user version. However, access to the document is restricted to the user who purchased the standard.

Can any standard be added to an existing subscription (SUB) in the online shop "SNV-Connect"?

You can add standards from certain rule makers, including SN INB, SN Swissmem, SN SIA, SN Electrosuisse, ISO and IEC, to your SUB yourself. This is currently not possible for other rule makers, such as AFNOR, ASTM and IEEE. In this case, the standards will be added for you by our SNV Solutions team.

As a company, can I adjust the number of users and the additional options as required?

Yes, you can adjust the number of users and the additional options as required. An upgrade is possible at any time, but requires a new agreement.