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FAQ Subscription (SUB)


What is a Multi User License MUL?

A Multi User License (MUL) is an offer from SNV that enables you, as the purchaser of the standards, to manage them efficiently. You purchase the standards as usual, but our online shop "SNV-Connect" offers an optimised platform for standards management. Here you have cloud-based access to your standards portfolio and all relevant information in one place. Your portfolio is updated on a daily to weekly basis.

What is the difference between a Subscription (SUB) and a Multi User License (MUL)?

A Subscription and a Multi User License have different approaches. With a Subscription, standards are subscribed to, not purchased. The price includes updates and licensing for multiple users (named users). With a Multi User Licence, on the other hand, you continue to purchase the standards. If there are updates in your portfolio, the document is automatically replaced by the current version and you are billed. The annually recurring MUL invoice includes the multi-user licence, monitoring and updating of the newly published standards.

Which standards are included in the Multi User License (MUL)?

The Multi User Licence refers to the standards of the rule makers DIN and VDI.

What are the advantages of a Multi User Licence (MUL)?

A MUL offers you several advantages. It enables you to access current standards from any location and guarantees safe and compliant work. You receive reliable information about new and withdrawn standards with replacement information. In addition, you can manage your portfolio independently, with standards added or removed from your subscription by SNV. MUL allows individual access for your staff.

Do you still need a multi-user licence?

No, with a Multi User Licence you automatically receive the required multi-user licence for your company.

Are you allowed to upload the documents to a company network with a Multi User Licence (MUL)?

Yes, the purchased documents belong to you and you can make them available to your entire company on your network thanks to the multi-user licence.

How do you get an indicative quote?

Send us your portfolio for analysis and we will then send you a non-binding indicative offer. To get all the information you need, please fill out our contact form.

What is the fixed price for the Multi User License (MUL)?

The price for the MUL is made up of the total number of employees and the number of DIN and/or VDI standards.

In what form is the Multi User Licence (MUL) available to you? (without additional options)

You receive the latest edition of the document, the previous version and the document in one language.

What additional options are available to you?

You can choose drafts as an additional option and receive the documents in two languages.

You have decided on a Multi User License (MUL), what happens next?

Once you have decided on a MUL, we will send you an agreement for you to sign. Meanwhile, we create the MUL according to your selected options and fill it based on your portfolio. After returning the agreement electronically, you will receive access to the MUL. You do not need to re-purchase the DIN and VDI standards you already own; they will be added to your subscription free of charge by SNV.

What happens next for you?

The users you define register in our online shop "SNV-Connect" or the subscription administrator creates the logins. The administrator also defines the individual roles of the users.

Which roles can the administrator assign?

There are various roles that the administrator can assign. These include the roles of Sub. & Shop Administrator, Sub Reader & Shop User, Sub. Reader and Sub User & Shop User. Powers vary depending on the role and include permissions such as viewing subscribed documents, personal single purchase of documents and defining the roles of users.

Can any standard in the online shop "SNV-Connect" be added independently to an existing MUL?

Yes, the DIN standards and VDI guidelines can be added to the subscription in self-service.

As a company, can the additional options be adapted as required?

Yes, an upgrade is possible at any time, but requires a new agreement.