CISPR 16-2-2:2003+AMD1:2004+AMD2:2005 CSV ED1.2


Note: Latest version: CISPR 16-2-2:2010 ED2

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This part of CISPR 16 is designated a basic standard, which specifies the methods of measurement of disturbance power using the absorbing clamp in the frequency range 30 MHz to 1 000 MHz. CISPR 16-2 has been reorganised into 4 parts, to accommodate growth and easier maintenance. This first edition of CISPR 16-2-2, together with CISPR 16-2-1, CISPR 16-2-3 and CISPR 16-2-4, cancels and replaces the second edition of CISPR 16-2, published in 2003. It contains the relevant clauses of CISPR 16-2 without technical changes. This consolidated version consists of the first edition (2003), its amendment 1 (2004) and its amendment 2 (2005). Therefore, no need to order amendments in addition to this publication.

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  • Consolidated from IEC
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  • Edition: 1.2
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  • Publisher: IEC
  • Distributor: IEC
  • ICS: 33.100.10
  • ICS: 33.100.20
  • International TC: CISPR/CIS/A

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