IEC 60811-408:2012 ED1


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IEC 60811-408:2012 gives the procedure to establish as to whether or not the quality of a cable's components will be satisfactory over the proposed life of a communication cable. IEC 60811-408:2012 cancels and replaces Annex A of IEC 60811-4-2:2004, which is withdrawn. Full details of the replacements are shown in Annex A of IEC 60811-100:2012. There are no specific technical changes with respect to the previous edition, but see the Foreword to IEC 60811-100:2012. This publication is to be read in conjunction with IEC 60811-100:2012.

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  • Standard from IEC
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  • Edition: 1
  • Document type: IS
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  • ISBN: 9782889129683
  • Publisher: IEC
  • Distributor: IEC
  • ICS: 29.035.01
  • ICS: 29.060.20
  • International TC: TC 20

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