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This equipment specification covers requirements for Multi-Tasking Equipment (MTE) for airfield snow removal purposes. The unit shall include a combination of a carrier vehicle, snow plow, rotary broom and high velocity air blast system. This vehicle as a unit shall be an integrated snow plow, rotary broom and high velocity air blast. Primary application is for the high-speed plowing, sweeping and cleaning of ice and snow from airfield operational areas such as runways, taxiways and ramp aprons. The term carrier vehicle represents the various self-propelled prime movers that provide the motive power necessary to move snow and ice control equipment during winter operations. The airport operator may require this specified piece of equipment in order to maintain the airfield during large and small snow events. When necessary, the MTE shall be a central and critical element in the winter pavement maintenance fleet in the effort to accomplish the airport’s published snow plan. This ARP defines the minimum functionality for a vehicle to be classified as an MTE, specifically as an integrated snow and ice removal system capable of performing multiple and simultaneous functions requiring no more than one operator. MTEs may be utilized to perform additional pavement maintenance tasks such as de-ice or anti-ice, rubber removal, FOD sweeping, or others. If additional features are required, they must be defined by the airport operator as part of their MTE specification. The airport operator may add to or delete from any item of this specification to meet its requirements providing there is no compromise in safety.

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