ISO/IEC 23004-1:2007


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ISO/IEC 23004-1:2007 specifies the architecture of the MPEG Multimedia Middleware technology. Multimedia Middleware (M3W) allows application software to execute multimedia functions with a minimum knowledge of the inner workings of the multimedia middleware as well as to support a structured way of updating, upgrading and/or extending the multimedia middleware. The architecture consists of the following. M3W API: multimedia API (specified in detail in ISO/IEC 23004-2); interfaces for audio broadcast decoding, processing and rendering; interfaces for video broadcast decoding, processing and rendering; IPMP interfaces; governance interfaces. Support API (specified in detail in ISO/IEC 23004-3 to ISO/IEC 23004-7): interfaces for instantiation of services (Runtime Environment and Service Manager); interfaces for interaction with remote services (REMI-P and REMI-R, REMI stands for Remote Method Invocator); interfaces for Resource Management; interfaces for Component Download; interfaces for Fault Management; interfaces for Integrity Management. Realization technology (specified in detail in ISO/IEC 23004-3): Unit of Trading; Unit of Loading; Unit of Instantiation; standard interfaces: navigation between interfaces, binding, access to public attributes.

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