SN EN 1005-2+A1:2008


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This European Standard specifies ergonomic recommendations for the design of machinery involving manual handling of machinery and component parts of machinery, including tools linked to the machine, in professional and domestic applications. This European Standard applies to the manual handling of machinery, component parts of machinery and objects processed by the machine (input/output) of 3 kg or more, for carrying less than 2 m. Objects of less than 3 kg are dealt with in prEN 1005-51). The standard provides data for ergonomic design and risk assessment concerning lifting, lowering and carrying in relation to the assembly/erection, transport and commissioning (assembly, installation, adjustment), operation, fault finding, maintenance, setting, teaching or process changeover and decommissioning, disposal and dismantling of machinery. This standard provides current data on the general population and certain sub-populations (clarified in annex A). This part of the standard does not cover the holding of objects (without walking), pushing or pulling of objects, hand-held machines, or handling while seated. This document is not applicable to specify the machinery which are manufactured before the date of publication of this document


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