ISO/TS 10303-203:2005

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ISO/TS 10303-203:2005 specifies the application protocol for configuration controlled three-dimensional design of parts and assemblies. The following are within the scope of ISO/TS 10303-203:2005: products that are three dimensional mechanical parts and assemblies;product definition data and configuration control data pertaining to the design phase of a product's development;representation of an instance of a part in an assembly through its usage in a sub-assembly;six groups of shape representations of a part that includes advanced boundary representation, faceted boundary representation, manifold surfaces with topology, geometrically bounded surface and wireframe geometry, wireframe with topology, and constructive solid geometry in three-dimensions; geometric validation properties to allow the translation of geometric shape representations (advanced boundary representation and faceted boundary representation solids) to be checked for quality; geometric presentation of geometric shape representations by the application of colours, layers and groups;geometric and dimensional tolerances applied to geometric shape representations;textual annotation and notes applied to geometric shape representations. This part of ISO 10303 conforms to ISO 10303-11:2004, and is harmonized with ISO 10303-214.

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