IEC 60825-2:2000 ED2


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Provides requirements and specific guidance for the safe use of optical fibre and/or control communication systems where optical power may be accessible at great distance from the optical source. The objective of this part 2 of IEC 60825 is to: - protect people from optical radiation resulting from optical fibre communication systems. This requires the introduction of engineering requirements and work practices according to the degree of hazard; - lay down requirements for manufacturers and operating organizations in order to establish procedures and supply information so that proper precautions can be adopted; - ensure adequate warning to individuals of the hazards associated with optical fibre communication systems through signs, labels and instructions; - reduce the possibility of injury by minimizing unnecessary accessible radiation, give improved control of the optical radiation through protective features and provide safe usage of products by specifying user control measures. The contents of the interpretation sheet of August 2001 have been included in this copy.

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