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This specification covers steel castings, general requirements, for pressure-containing parts. The steel shall be made by open-hearth or electric-furnace process, with or without separate refining such as argon-oxygen-decarburization (AOD), unless otherwise designated by the individual specification. Ferritic and martensitic steel shall be cooled after pouring to provide substantially complete transformation of austenite prior to heat treatment to enhance mechanical properties. The material shall conform to the specified chemical composition requirements. An analysis of each heat shall be made by the manufacturer to determine the percentages of the elements specified. The mechanical test methods and definitions are presented in details. One tension test shall be made from each heat, and shall conform to the tensile requirements specified. Test coupons shall be cast from the same heat as the castings represented, except that for investment castings, the test coupons shall be cast in the same type of mold as the castings. After machining, each casting shall be tested under specified hydrostatic shell test pressures in the applicable steel rating for which the casting is designed.

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