ISO/TR 23476:2021


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This document is intended to be used alongside ISO/TR 12295, ISO 11226 and the ISO 11228 series in the agricultural sector. This document gives information on how existing standards can be used in a global sector such as agriculture where, albeit with different characteristics, biomechanical overload is a relevant aspect, WMSDs are common and specific preventive actions are needed. The proposed project aims to: 1) define the user(s) and fields for its application (including non-experts in ergonomics); 2) provide examples of procedures for hazard identification, risk estimation or evaluation and risk reduction in different agricultural settings, through: — more synthetic procedural schemes (main test); — more analytical explanations of the procedures, through mathematical models and application examples, also with the use of specific free simple tools, in: — Annex A (pre-mapping with ERGOCHECK); — Annex B (evaluation of Multitask risk of biomechanical overload on typical agricultural macro-cycles, considering upper limbs repetitive movements, manual lifting and carrying, pushing-pulling); — Annex C (study of awkward postures with criteria derived from the actual standards and scientific literature as TACOS method).

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