ISO/IEC 7501-1:2008


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ISO/IEC 7501-1:2008 is intended for use in all applications relating to machine readable passports (MRPs). It specifies the form and provides guidance on the construction of MRPs, in particular in relation to those aspects of the MRP where details of the rightful holder are presented in a form which is both visual and machine readable. It equally defines the specifications to be used by States wishing to issue an electronically enabled version of the MRP (ePassport) for secure carriage and access to an expanded set of details, including globally interoperable biometric data for confirming the presenter as the rightful holder of the ePassport.

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  • Standard from ISO/IEC
  • Published:
  • Edition: 5
  • Document type: IS
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  • Publisher: ISO/IEC
  • Distributor: ISO/IEC
  • ICS: 35.240.15
  • International TC: ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 17

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  • Revises: ISO/IEC 7501-1:2005
  • Joint work item: ISO/IEC 7501-1:2008, 0
  • Adopted from: ICAO 9303-1, 0