ISO/IEC 10021-8:1999


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This part of ISO/IEC 10021 defines the overall system and service of EDI messaging. Other aspects of message handling systems and services are defined in other parts of ISO/IEC 10021. The layout of Standards | Recommendations defining the message handling system and services is shown in table 1 of ISO/IEC 10021-1 | ITU-T Recommendation X/F.400. The public services built on MHS, as well as access to and from the MHS for public services are defined in the ITU-T's F.400-Series of Recommendations. The technical aspects of MHS are defined in the multi part series numbered ISO/IEC 10021 and ITU-T's X.400-Series of Recommendations. The overall system architecture of MHS is defined in ISO/IEC 10021-2 | ITU-T Recommendation X.402. The technical aspects of EDI messaging are defined in ISO/IEC 10021-9 | ITU-T Recommendation X.435.

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