ISO/IEC 10021-7:2003


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ISO/IEC 10021-7:2003 defines Interpersonal Messaging, a form of Message Handling tailored for ordinary interpersonal business or private correspondence. It is one of a series on Message Handling. ISO/IEC 10021-2 constitutes the introduction to the series and identifies the other documents in it. ISO/IEC 10021-7:2003 defines the kinds of information objects exchanged in Interpersonal Messaging, defines the associated abstract service and specifies how it is provided. Annexes provide important supplemental information.

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  • Standard from ISO/IEC
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  • Edition: 3
  • Document type: IS
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  • Publisher: ISO/IEC
  • Distributor: ISO/IEC
  • ICS: 35.240.20
  • International TC: ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 6

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