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The ISO 7000 database provides a collection of graphical symbols which are placed on equipment or parts of equipment of any kind in order to instruct the person(s) using the equipment as to its operation. Each graphical symbol is identified by a reference number and contains a title, graphical representations in vectorized and non-vectorized formats, and some additional data as applicable, such as the function or the description of the symbol, the intended use, related symbols or publications. Various search and navigation facilities allow for easy retrieval of graphical symbols. The complete product is available at the following URL. Please copy the link below in your browser:

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  • Standard from ISO
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  • Edition: 6
  • Document type: IS
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  • Publisher: ISO
  • Distributor: ISO
  • ICS: 01.080.20
  • International TC: ISO/TC 145/SC 3

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