ISO 21801-1:2020


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This document presents guidelines for the design and development of cognitively accessible systems, including products and services and built environments. This document is relevant to mainstream systems as well as those designed specifically for people with disability. Within the broad field of accessibility, this document is limited to guidance related to cognitive accessibility. NOTE 1 It acknowledges, however, that diverse sensory perceptions can impact cognitive accessibility. NOTE 2 While the following guidance in this document can benefit all users, it is included here because failure to follow it could lead to barriers that would prevent some potential users from being able to use the system at all. This document is relevant to all types of systems. However, some particular recommendations can only be followed for some types of systems: — Some of the guidance is relevant to a fixed system (e.g. a non-computerized consumer product or a user manual); — Some of the guidance applies to systems containing some level of computer-based processing (e.g. a microwave oven or an ICT-system); — Some of the guidance applies to systems that use advanced computer processing that supports individualization (e.g. an application in a smart phone); — Some guidance applies to combinations of the above.

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