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ISO 15928-1:2015 sets out a method for describing the structural safety performance of houses. It covers objectives, provides performance descriptions, establishes parameter descriptions, and outlines evaluation processes. It includes a description of permanent, imposed, wind, seismic, snow and other actions as well as structural resistance. ISO 15928-1:2015 is intended for use in the evaluation of the design and construction of houses, in the international trading of houses or their sub-systems, and in developing risk-management tools for the protection of houses. The ISO 15928‑ series does not specify a level of performance and it is not intended to provide a design method and/or criteria. It describes the structural safety of a house as a whole. NOTE 1 Annex A includes background information on this part of ISO 15928, guidance on its use, and suggestions on good practice. NOTE 2 Details on references referred to in Notes are provided in a Bibliography. NOTE 3 Structural serviceability, durability and other attributes are covered in other parts of ISO 15928.

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