ISO 13232-5:2005


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ISO 13232-5;2005 provides: performance indices which can be correlated with human injuries;formulae which relate injury indices to probable injury cost;a consistent means of interpreting impact test results;a means of relating the results obtained from film analysis and instrumentation of the dummy to injuries sustained in accidents;a means of assessing both the combined and relative effects of multiple injuries;an objective means of quantifying injury cost using a single index;a means of verifying the analysis;a means of doing risk/benefit analysis of protective devices fitted to motorcycles, based upon the population of impact conditions identified in ISO 13232-2. ISO 13232 specifies the minimum requirements for research into the feasibility of protective devices fitted to motorcycles, which are intended to protect the rider in the event of a collision. ISO 13232 is applicable to impact tests involving: two-wheeled motorcycles;the specified type of opposing vehicle;either a stationary and a moving vehicle or two moving vehicles;for any moving vehicle, a steady speed and straight-line motion immediately prior to impact;one helmeted dummy in a normal seating position on an upright motorcycle;the measurement of the potential for specified types of injury, by body region; andevaluation of the results of paired impact tests (i.e. comparisons between motorcycles fitted and not fitted with the proposed devices). ISO 13232 does not apply to testing for regulatory or legislative purposes.

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