IEC TR 63304:2021 ED1


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IEC TR 63304:2021(E) describes the general principle and technical details of the methods of measurement of the DC magnetic properties of permanent magnet materials in an open magnetic circuit using a superconducting magnet (SCM). This method is applicable to permanent magnet materials, such as those specified in IEC 60404-8-1, the properties of which are presumed homogeneous throughout their volume. There are two methods: – the SCM-Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) method; – the SCM-Extraction method. This document also describes methods to correct the influence of the self-demagnetizing field in the test specimen on the demagnetization curve measured in an open magnetic circuit. The magnetic properties are determined from the corrected demagnetization curve. NOTE These SCM-methods can determine the magnetic properties of permanent magnet materials with coercivity higher than 2 MA/m. The methods of measurement in a closed magnetic circuit specified in IEC 60404-5 can lead to significant measurement error due to saturation effects in the pole pieces of yoke for the magnetic materials with coercivity higher than 1,6 MA/m (see IEC 60404-5).

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