IEC TR 63167:2018 ED1


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IEC/TR 62905:2018(E) is a Technical Report. Provides general information on the assessment of contact current related to human exposure to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields. The contact currents in this context occur when a human body comes into contact with a not electrified conductive object exposed to an electric and/or magnetic field at a different electric potential owing to electric and/or magnetic induction to the object. This is distinguished from the issue of electrical safety where contact with live parts of a conductive object is dealt with. In reference to the international EMF guidelines, the frequency range of contact current covered in this document is direct current to 110 MHz, and only steady-state (continuous) contact currents are covered. Transient contact currents (spark discharges) which may occur immediately before the contact with the object are not covered. Keywords: Human Exposure Electric Fields, Magnetic Fields, Electromagnetic Fields

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