IEC TR 61191-8:2021 ED1


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IEC TR 61191-8:2021(E) gives guidelines for dealing with voiding in surface-mount solder joints of printed board assemblies for use in automotive electronics. This technical report focuses exclusively on voids in solder joints connecting packaged electronic or electromechanical components with printed boards (PBs). Voids in other solder joints (e.g. in a joint between a silicon die and a substrate within an electronic component, solder joints of through-hole components, etc.) are not considered. The technical background for the occurrence of voids in solder joints, the potential impact of voiding on printed board assembly reliability and functionality, the investigation of voiding levels in sample- and series-production by use of X‑ray inspection as well as typical voiding levels in different types of solder joints are discussed. Recommendations for the control of voiding in series production are also given. Annex A collects typical voiding levels of components and recommendations for acceptability.

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