IEC 61753-121-2:2017 ED2


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IEC 61753-121-2:2017 specifies the test requirements for cords including reference cords used in a controlled (Category C) environment according to IEC 61753-1, where the connectors already comply with the Category C requirements of IEC 61753-1. The tests selected are a subset of the connector tests from IEC 61753-1 appropriate for requalification with additional requirements relevant to cords and the connector/cable interface. The cords consist of simplex or duplex fibre optic cable terminated at each end of the cable with single-mode fibre optic connector plugs with cylindrical ferrules. The operational wavelength range is between 1 260 nm and 1 625 nm. Short length cords are used as test samples as the attenuation of the cord and the temperature cycling performance will be affected by longer lengths of cable. It is important that any qualification of a cord whose length is greater than 5 m takes these factors into account. The relevant requirements for the mechanical interface of connector sets are covered by the IEC 61754 all parts. The relevant requirements for the optical interface of connector sets are covered by IEC 61755 (all parts). The relevant requirements for performance of connector sets are covered by IEC 61753 (all parts). The relevant requirements for fibres are covered by IEC 60793-2-50. The relevant requirements for cables for cords are covered by IEC 60794-2-50. This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition published in 2010. This edition constitutes a technical revision. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition: - merge an optical performance requirement of a reference cord; - delete Annexes D and E due to updated relevant standard document; - modify the whole document structure according to the latest ISO/IEC Directives.

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