IEC 60938-2:2021 ED3


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IEC 60938-2:2021 applies to fixed inductors designed for electromagnetic interference suppression, which will be connected to an AC mains or other supply with a nominal voltage not exceeding 1 000 V AC RMS or 1 500 V DC with a nominal frequency not exceeding 400 Hz. This sectional specification is restricted to fixed inductors for which safety tests are appropriate. This implies that inductors specified according to this specification will either be connected to mains supplies, when compliance with the mandatory tests of Annex A is necessary, or used in other circuit positions where the equipment specification prescribes that some or all of these safety tests are required. The object of this document is to prescribe standard requirements for safety tests, preferred ratings and characteristics, to select from IEC 60938-1 the appropriate methods of test and to give general performance requirements for suppression inductors. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition: - the test plan for performance testing has been removed; mandatory safety tests and optional performance tests are listed in one test plan in Annex B; - requirements for Thyristor-Chokes have been withdrawn; - material requirements are harmonized with IEC 60939-3 and UL 60939-3; - AC chokes up to 1 000 V and DC chokes up to 1 500 V are now in the Scope.

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