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IEC 60754-1:2011 specifies the apparatus and procedure for the determination of the amount of halogen acid gas, other than hydrofluoric acid, evolved during the combustion of compounds based on halogenated polymers and compounds containing halogenated additives taken from electric or optical fibre cable constructions. The method specified in this standard is intended for the testing of individual components used in a cable construction. The use of this method will enable the verification of requirements which are stated in the appropriate cable specification for individual components of a cable construction. The significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition are as follows: - improved definition of safety requirements relating to capture of gases and use of reagents; - introduction of guidance on preparation of test specimens for a more even combustion; - improvements to the procedure for establishing the heating regime; - improved expression of tolerances and precision; - definition of the procedure for the blank test; - introduction of an informative annex giving details of a methodology for the determination of the halogen acid gas content of a sample representative of a cable construction. The contents of the corrigendum of November 2013 have been included in this copy.

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