IEC 60747-1:2006 ED2


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IEC 60747-1:2006 gives the general requirements applicable to the discrete semiconductor devices and integrated circuits covered by the other parts of IEC 60747 and IEC 60748 (see Annex A). This second edition of IEC 60747-1 cancels and replaces the first edition (1983) and its amendments 1 (1991), 2 (1993) and 3 (1996). The main changes with respect to the previous edition are listed below: a) The terminology which is now given in the IEV (or which was in conflict with the IEV) has been omitted. b) There has been a general revision of guidance on essential ratings and characteristics. c) The distinction between general and reference methods of measurement has been removed. d) A clause on product discontinuation notice has been added.

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