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IEC 60335-2-34:2021 is available as IEC 60335-2-34:2021 RLV which contains the International Standard and its Redline version, showing all changes of the technical content compared to the previous edition. IEC 60335-2-34:2021 deals with the safety of sealed (hermetic and semi-hermetic type) motor-compressors, their protection and control systems, if any, which are intended for use in equipment for household and similar purposes and which conform with the standards applicable to such equipment. It applies to motor-compressors tested separately, under the most severe conditions that may be expected to occur in normal use, their rated voltage being not more than 250 V for single-phase motor-compressors and 600 V for other motor-compressors. This standard also covers: - multi-speed motor-compressors, that are motor-compressors, the speed of which can be set to different values; - variable capacity motor-compressors that are motor-compressors where the capacity of the compressor is controlled at fixed speeds. Examples of equipment which contain motor-compressors are: - tumble dryers (IEC 60335-2-11); - refrigerating appliances, ice-cream appliances and ice-makers (IEC 60335-2-24); - electrical heat pumps, air-conditioners and dehumidifiers (IEC 60335-2-40); - commercial dispensing appliances and vending machines (IEC 60335-2-75); - commercial refrigerating appliances and ice-makers with an incorporated or remote refrigerant unit or compressor (IEC 60335-2-89); - electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use (IEC 61010-2-011); - professional ice-cream makers (IEC 60335-2-118); - refrigerating systems and heat pumps – Design, construction, testing, marking and documentation (ISO 5149-2). This standard does not supersede the requirements of standards relevant to the particular appliance in which the motor-compressor is used. However, if the motor-compressor type used complies with this standard, the tests for the motor-compressor specified in the particular appliance standard may not need to be made in the particular appliance or assembly. If the motor-compressor control system is associated with the particular appliance control system, additional tests could be necessary on the final appliance. So far as is practical, this standard deals with the common hazards presented by motor-compressors used in appliances which are encountered by all persons in and around the home. However, it does not in general take into account: - the use of appliances by young children or infirm persons without supervision; - playing with the appliances by young children. Attention is drawn to the fact that: - for motor-compressors intended to be used in appliances in vehicles or on board ships, additional require¬ments could be necessary; - in many countries, additional requirements are specified by the national health authorities, the national authorities responsible for the protection of labour and similar authorities. This standard does not apply to: - motor-compressors designed exclusively for industrial purposes; - motor-compressors used in appliances intended to be used in locations where special conditions prevail, such as the presence of a corrosive or explosive atmosphere (dust, vapour or gas). If motor-compressors for refrigerant R-744 used in appliances with a transcritical refrigeration system are equipped with pressure relief devices, compliance with the requirements for these devices is checked during the tests on the final appliance. This sixth edition cancels and replaces the fifth edition published in 2012, Amendment 1:2015 and Amendment 2:2016. This edition constitutes a technical revision. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition: - it aligns the text with IEC 60335-1, Ed 5.2; - application categories and tests have been extended (3.1.102, Annex AA); - use of a motorette for winding wire compatibility tests introduced (3.8.102, Annex BB); - height of the triangle, symbol ISO 7010 W021 has been introduced (7.14); - some notes are converted to normative text (1, 15.3, 22.21, 23.8, 29.3.4, Figure AA.1); - note in Subclause 6.101 becomes normative in Clause 11; - optional pressure endurance test introduced (18.101, Annex EE); - compatibility test for insulation inside the housing clarified (22.9); - clarification of clearances inside the housing for motor-compressors suitable for use at altitudes exceeding 2 000 m (29.1); - normative references and associated text have been updated (24.101, Annex DD); - breaking strength of tie cord after temperature heating cycle has been updated (Annex CC). This part 2 is to be used in conjunction with the latest edition of IEC 60335-1 and its amendments. It was established on the basis of the fifth edition (2010) of that standard.

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