IEC 60317-60-2:2020 ED1


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IEC 60317-60-2:2020 specifies the requirements of polyester glass-fibre wound, resin or varnish impregnated, bare or grade 1 or grade 2 enamelled rectangular copper winding wires, temperature index 155. The impregnating agent can be, for instance, epoxy, polyester, or polyesterimide resin based. The range of nominal conductor dimensions covered by this document is: – width: min. 2,0 mm max. 16,0 mm; – thickness: min. 0,80 mm max. 5,60 mm. NOTE For this type of wire, the heat shock test is inappropriate and therefore a heat shock temperature cannot be established. Consequently, a class based on the requirements for temperature index and heat shock temperature cannot be specified.

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