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EN 15787:2021



This document specifies general rules for the enumeration of lactobacilli in feeding stuffs (additives, premixtures and compound feeds excluding mineral feeds) that contain lactobacilli as a single microorganism component or in a mixture with other microorganisms. Applying the method to premixtures and compound feeds with critical amounts of copper demands a special procedure (see A.2). The document is not applicable to mineral feeds, which are defined as complementary feeding stuffs composed mainly of minerals and containing at least 40 % crude ash (Regulation (EC) No 767/2009) [3]. There are different categories of feed samples: a) Additives containing about 1010 colony forming units (CFU)/g; b) Premixtures containing about 1011 CFU/kg; c) Compound feeds, meal or pellets which contain about 109 CFU/kg.

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