SN EN ISO 21309-1:2019


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This document establishes a system of designation for ethylene/vinyl alcohol (EVOH) copolymer thermoplastic materials, which may be used as the basis for specifications. The types of ethylene/vinyl alcohol (EVOH) copolymer plastic are differentiated from each other by a classification system based on appropriate levels of the designatory property: — melt mass-flow rate; — and on information about basic polymer parameters, intended application and/or method of processing, important properties, additives, colorants, fillers and reinforcing materials. This document is applicable to copolymers of ethylene and vinyl alcohol containing from 15 mol % to 60 mol % of ethylene. It applies to materials ready for normal use in the form of powder, granules or pellets, unmodified or modified by colorants, additives, fillers, etc. It is not intended to imply that materials having the same designation give necessarily the same performance. This document does not provide engineering data, performance data or data on processing conditions which can be required to specify a material for a particular application and/or method of processing. If such additional properties are required, they are intended to be determined in accordance with the test methods described ISO 21309-2, if suitable. In order to specify a thermoplastic material for a particular application or to ensure reproducible processing, additional requirements can be given in data block 4 and 5 (see Clause 4, introductory paragraph).


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