ISO/PAS 5643:2021


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This document establishes requirements and recommendations for tourist organizations to prevent the spread of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in order to protect their employees’ health from COVID-19 and to provide safer tourist services and products to tourists and residents. NOTE This document does not address after-work practices of employees. This document applies to the whole tourism value chain, including the following 20 subsectors: accommodation adventure tourism and ecotourism beaches catering services golf services medical and wellness spas MICE tourism museums and heritage sites natural protected areas (NPAs) night leisure scuba diving ski areas theme and leisure parks NOTE This includes water parks, animal parks (zoos, aquariums, wildlife refuges) and family entertainment centres. tourist transport tourist guides tourist visits tourist information offices travel agencies unique public spaces yacht harbours and nautical activities Each tourist organization is expected to conform only to those measures that apply to the services that it offers, including the core requirements established in Clause 4, the relevant applicable subclause in Clause 5 and the relevant applicable ancillary services and facilities in Clause 6. NOTE The term tourist organization applies for all 20 subsectors.


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