ISO/IEC TR 13066-6:2014


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ISO/IEC TR 13066-6:2014 provides an overview to the structure and terminology of the Java accessibility application programming interface (API) It will provide: A description of the overall architecture and terminology of the API; Further introductory explanations regarding the content and use of the API beyond those found in Annex A of ISO/IEC 13066-1; An overview of the main properties, including of: user interface elements; how to get and set focus; of communication mechanisms in the API; a discussion of design considerations for the API (e.g. pointers to external sources of information on accessibility guidance related to using the API); information on extending the API (and where this is appropriate); an introduction to the programming interface of the API (including pointers to external sources of information); an introduction to the Java Access Bridge for Windows and the Java Access Bridge for GNOME. It will provide this information as an introduction to the Java API to assist: IT system level developers who create custom controls and/or interface to them; AT developers involved in programming "hardware to software" and "software to software" interactions.


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