ISO 3613:2021


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This document specifies methods for the determination of — the presence of colourless chromate conversion coatings, — the presence of hexavalent chromium in colourless and coloured coatings on zinc or cadmium or aluminium-zinc (mass fraction of aluminium: 55 %, within a range of 54 % to 56 % mass fraction) and zinc-aluminium (mass fraction of aluminium: 5 %) alloys, — the total chromium content per unit area on zinc and cadmium, — the mass per unit area of both colourless and coloured coatings, — the satisfactory adhesion of chromate conversion coatings, and — the quality of chromate coatings. These methods are applicable to — colourless and coloured chromate conversion coatings containing trivalent and hexavalent chromium in varying proportions and produced by either chemical or electrochemical processes, and — chromate coatings that are free from any supplementary coatings, such as oil, water or solvent-based polymers or wax.


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