ISO 23070:2020


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This document provides guidelines for the planning and design of a reverse osmosis (RO) treatment system of municipal wastewater. This document is applicable to practitioners and authorities who intend to implement principles and decisions on RO treatment of municipal wastewater in a safe, reliable and sustainable manner. This document addresses RO treatment systems of municipal wastewater in their entirety and is applicable to any RO treatment system component. This document provides: — standard terms and definitions; — a description of the system components of an RO treatment system of municipal wastewater; — design principles of an RO treatment system of municipal wastewater; — statements on the feed water quality and technical requirements of an RO treatment system; — guidance for operation and maintenance of an RO treatment system; — specific aspects for consideration and emergency response. Design parameters and regulatory values of an RO treatment system of municipal wastewater are out of the scope of this document.


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