ISO 18326:2018


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This document specifies the standard conditions for capacity and efficiency ratings of non-ducted portable air-cooled air conditioners having a single exhaust duct and non-ducted portable air-cooled heat pumps having a single exhaust duct. Such air conditioners and heat pumps may include an evaporatively cooled condenser cooled by air and the evaporation of: a) condensate collected from the evaporator; b) external supplementary water stored in a supplementary water tank; or c) both a) and b). This document also specifies the test methods for determining the capacity and efficiency ratings. This document applies to equipment that is factory-made, electrically driven and uses mechanical compression. This document is applicable to equipment utilizing one or more refrigeration systems. This document is not applicable to the rating and testing of the following: i) Water-source heat pumps or water-cooled air conditioners; ii) Multi-split-system air conditioners and air-to-air heat pumps (see ISO 15042:2017 for the testing of such equipment); iii) Individual assemblies not constituting a complete refrigeration system; iv) Equipment using the absorption refrigeration cycle; v) Ducted equipment (see ISO 13253:2017 for the testing of such equipment); vi) Evaporative coolers or any other cooling systems that are not of the vapour compression type; vii) Dehumidifiers; viii) Spot coolers.


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