ASTM D3597:02(2009)


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This performance specification covers the performance requirements for plain, tufted, or flocked woven upholstery fabrics as used in the manufacture of new indoor furniture. These requirements apply to both the warp and filling directions for those factors where each fabric direction is pertinent. Tests shall be made to determine the properties of the material in accordance with the following test methods: breaking strength; tear strength; resistance to yarn slippage; surface abrasion; dimensional change; colorfastness to water; colorfastness to solvent; colorfastness to burnt gas fumes; colorfastness to crocking; colorfastness to light; colorfastness to ozone; durability of back coating; flammability; and FTC requirements.


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  • Edition: 02(2009)
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  • Herausgeber: ASTM
  • Lieferant: ASTM
  • ICS: 59.080.30
  • ICS: 97.140